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  • Research and Booking of event space

  • Recording of clients requests with implementation of request

  • Research on Event Budget

  • Managing Event Finances

  • Organizing Audiovisual Equipment 

  • Coordination of all Entertainment

  • Coordinating Hotels, Transportation and Food

  • Detailed Registration process Online and Day Of

  • Day of Coordination


ELEVATE In addition to ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS we will include:

  • Create Event Website for Event that interacts people from you Event to your Social Media Platforms

  • Coordinate Participants Feedback with quotes to be used for future company promotion

  • Coordinate Product Demonstration within event

  • Coordinate Swag Bags

  • Email Marketing and Follow Ups after Event and Development of Attendee Contact Sheet

SUPREME In addition to ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS and ELEVATE we will include

  • Confirm additional sponsorship for your event 

  • SAVE THE DATE VIDEO/ Short Promotion with personalized video to be aired on social media platforms and website

  • Coordinate Brand Visuals during the event ~(65% of information retained is through visuals)

  • Coordinate the launching of a campaign that capitalize on new product/promotions for your company

  • Generating new leads for your company through “day-of” creative strategy

  • VIP event coordination

Please reach out for your complimentary one hour consultation



Initiating phase

Development of Project Statement: Development of  scope, objectives, and participants in the project.

Contributor Management: Identifying stakeholders, sponsors and funding within the project


Planning phase

Time management: Planning, defining, and developing schedules, activities, estimating resources and activity durations

Costs management: Planning and estimating costs, and determining budgets

Sponsorship and Investor management: managing renewals and negotiations, overseeing communication, aligning business and market needs


Executing phase

Integration management: Directing and managing all work for the project

Staff/Volunteer management: Selecting, developing, and managing the project team

Confirmation and Innovative Acknowledgement to Sponsor and Investor Contribution



Closing management: Closing all phases of the project


Please reach out for your complimentary one hour consultation

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