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Every creative endeavor begins with a thought. It's what we do with that thought that brings it into reality.   It’s not about having a BIG BUDGET.  It’s about having a BIG IMPACT. It’s about connecting you with your community and clients.  The quickest way to do this is through events and community programs AND there are INFINITE POSSIBILITIES within these forms of production.  Below are just a few possibilities

  • Launching an idea/product/program through workshops or presentations

  • Educating your community or customer through exhibition space

  • Building a loyal customer/support base through networking events, appreciation parties and programs

  • Promoting your brand/ intention/program through business to consumer events, rallys and community events

  • Meeting a learning need in your community and industry through private/ public events and programs

Babette’s Events Initial Services

1.  Set up a free one-hour consultation with Babette's Events. Within this consultation we will find your target audience, message and beginning stages of the production/program.

2.  After an initial consolation Babette’s events will develop a budget, production outline and promotional blueprint for your event/program

3. Through hard work and effective communication Babette’s Events will aid in producing a rich outcome


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Tara Babette Shuttleworth


It's the love of my local art community that inspired me to get the experience needed to become an event producer, program manager and social orchestrator. I launched my company, "Babette's Events" to support what moves me the most, my love for the arts.

To be an entrepreneur you must believe in your dreams. If you believe in your dreams then you follow your heart and if you follow your heart you know the importance in community.

When you hire Babette's Events to aid in your event, vision or program you are hiring a teammate.

 There's a beautiful balance in operating from head to heart and with over two decades worth of experience I look forward to helping you with the production of one of your many dreams.

We will do this with a detailed, logical and meditative approach all while sticking to the heart of the matter. 
I look forward to meeting with you and seeing where imagination takes us.

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